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The VinGardeValise® supports a varied array of inserts for wine and similarly shaped bottles. However, we full well know that there is a virtual cornucopia of different shaped bottles containing other spirits, such as grappa, brandies, aperitifs, digestives, as well as ale growlers, half-bottles and many miniatures. It would be absolutely impossible to create a specific bottle-shaped inserts for all manner and shapes of bottles.

So, we have created what we believe is the next best thing: a Do-It-Yourself Insert (DIYI) which you can truly customize the pockets to accommodate almost any size and any shape bottle. Then, when you are done transporting those bottles, replace the foam you removed to accommodate the first set of bottles with another combination of unique shaped bottles.

The DIYI is customizable and reusable, a veritable chameleon of shape-shifting pockets to support the vast array of liquid products you may wish to transport. It is amazing easy to use: just remove the existing standard bottle inserts from the suitcase and place in the bottom one of the two foam sheets, place the section with the sectionwith pre-cut inserts, remove the pre-cut cubes of foam that comport with your bottle shapes, place the foam cover on top, cinch tight the straps, zip close the polyester cover and close the suitcase. After you zip close the suitcase and place the exterior burst straps in place, you’re ready to go!

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 15.35 × 4 × 23 in