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Trakdot™ Luggage is constantly monitoring the cellular network to determine its city location.
When you fly, Trakdot™ Luggage knows and goes to sleep.
Upon arriving at your destination, Trakdot™ Luggage wakes up and reports its new location.
Depending on your preferences, a text-message or email is sent to you confirming that your luggage has arrived with you.

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Important information about text-messaging and data

Text-Messaging charges may apply from your cellular carrier. Not all cellular carrier’s support international text-messaging. Call your mobile phone carrier to speak with your carrier’s customer support department before your travel abroad.

Our optional mobile apps make use of your mobile data plan. Depending on your data plan, you may incur additional data roaming charges when traveling outside your local coverage area. Call 611 from your mobile phone to speak with your carrier’s customer support department before your travel abroad.

Product dimensions: 3″ W x 2 1/4″ H x 3/4″ D (7.6cm x 5.7cm x 1.9cm)

Warranty: (2) years
Cellular Service must be present at the designated landing point, i.e. the Airport.
Each recipient selected for an SMS notification must have cellular service in the coverage area.
SMS messages are scheduled for delivery timing by the serving cellular service provider, not by Trakdot. Any delay in receiving the SMS can be the result of cellular service.
If email notification has been selected, a data connection is required to see the email. This is not a function of the Trakdot device, but rather the device you are using to see the email.
Trakdot is dependent on the worldwide database of cell tower information. If a new cell tower has been added to serve an airport and not yet added to the database, the location look-up will fail.
It is important to maintain batteries in your device that register at the “good” level in order that the device has sufficient power to receive cell tower signals. Each SMS message contains an indicator of the battery strength.
Zero Halliburton briefcases or metal cases or metal luggage of any type, can severely attenuate the cellular system and compromise reporting.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions .75 × 3 × 2.25 in


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